Natural Hair Challenge!

Let me start off by saying how excitedddddd I am to be starting this challenge! A few weeks ago, I told ya’ll about my plans to begin this hair challenge in my post, Girl I Ain’t Tryna Be Bald Forever and the challenge has begun!

Sooooo, it’s time to do my first length check! Here are a few pictures of my hair that I took on the first of this month.

Front: 7cm  Back:  6cm  Top Middle: 10cm  Left Side: 7.5cm  Right Side: 7cm


I hope ya’ll are joining me on this challenge! If you are, pleaseee post you’re length check results below! I’m excitedddddd!! Let’s GRO! 🙂

(Rules for the challenge will be the featured image of this post, or feel free to refer back to my previous post!


Naturalista….or nah?

If you would’ve talked to me about natural hair four months ago, I would’ve told you “It’s great! I love it on other people, but I luhh my creamy crack.” About a month later, I made the decision to go natural! (I know, I’m a total hypocrite). I figured I’d begin my journey as a naturalista with the transitioning phase since it had already been a couple of months since my last relaxer (in March), but as I began to transition, I realized how poor of a condition that my hair was in. My hair was extremely damaged. It was so thin and broken off.

For a while I tried to deal with my to’ up hair by wearing pinned up twist and braid outs, but after a while I just got fed up with trying to make it work. So after about a month of transitioning, I said f*ck it and I decided to do my first big chop! I was scared to cut ALL my hair off, so I decided on a tapered cut that allowed me to keep some length on the top.

I absolutely loved this haircut! I didn’t have the hassle of dealing with a full head of hair with two different textures. I could enjoy transitioning without the mess that can with damaged hair. I continued using perm rods on the top of my cut in addition to twist and braid outs.But after a while, this began to stress me out too! Now that I think about it, maybe it was me and not the haircuts….nahhh, it was the cuts. But I got annoyed with the top of my hair because since it was straight, it was hard for me to just pick up and go…sooo I big chopped again! I went into my bathroom and began cutting. I ended up cutting about two inches off and that’s where I am now!

I’ll probably get my sides tapered again before I stopped cutting it and just start trimming it, but I am currently in love with my hair! I’m focused on keeping it healthy and moisturized! As my curl pattern is starting to come in, I’m just trying to get to know my hair. I’m trying out different products to see exactly what my hair likes and dislikes. As I continue my hair journey, I will be sharing with you and I hope you share yours with me! I really do wanna hear from you guys!