Hellooo! My name is Jaelin Mercer. My friends call me a multitude of things: Jae, Juice, JaeBay, etc. I am 22 years young. I popped out the womb in Florida, but was raised in the land of the weirdos (Austin, Texas)! I’m a caribbean gyal and i love my culture in every way!  I am currently a senior at the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) majoring in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate in the hopes of owning my own beauty related business in the future.  I eat, breathe, sleep everything beautiful. I am a very outgoing and vibrant soul that is founded on the art of sarcasm.

I started this blog to share my life and loves with you guys! I will share EVERYTHING with you guys from makeup (of course) to food to political issues. I’ll pretty much tell ya’ll everything that pops into my brain! I am hoping that in turn ya’ll will do the same thing with me!

I am a media fanatic, from tv shows to online gossip sites! I’m on every social network possible so feel free to follow me on any or all of them. I also have my own youtube channel, so I’m everywhere! I look forward to hearing from you guys and telling you my whole life story.


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