Twist Out for Baldies! (TWA)

When I did my first big chop -which wasn’t really a BIG chop since I kept some of my relaxed hair on top (I was a cheater)- I had an endless amount of ideas about what to do with my hair. I used perm rods, did braid-outs and twist-outs, any and everything, but once I did my second big chop I had no clue of how to tame my baldness, ha!

For the longest time I just wore my hair as a TWA, partly because I was too lazy to do anything to it, but mostly because I couldn’t find any hair ideas that wouldn’t make me look like a bald head 304 (see definition below.), struggling to do something with her hair lol.

those names tho! lmaoo

courtesy of Urban Dictionary – those names tho lmaoooo!

Now that the semester has ended (THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS BLESSING!) and I’m a little less bald than before, I have no excuse not to try new things with my hair. After all, isn’t that the fun part about being natural?

Twist-Out Process

Twist-Out Process

The first style I decided to go for was a twist out…so last Monday, after my wash day regimen, I began my twist out and boyyyyy did it take forever! I used my spray bottle mixture, which consists of water, conditioner, and glycerin, and used castor oil to seal in the moisture. It took me about 4 hours to do my whole head (while watching Blue Bloods). I decided to wear my hair in the twists (my family calls them doo-doo locks lol) for the week until I came home to Austin as a protective style.

I took out the twists out last Saturday morning and I LOVED the results! The only thing that I will do differently on my next twist out is probably add my perm rods to the ends since the ends of my twists were a little straight, but other than that I feel good about my results.


After about two days, some of the twists (or whatever you wanna call em) began to get EXTREMELY frizzy and lost alllllll their definition so instead of just washing them out, I pinned up the sides and sported a frohawk (which I’m still rockin’ as I type this). I’ll probably wash them out tonight because I need my hair to be flawless for my brother’s engagement party on Saturday *squealing in excitement.* But I loved my hair while it lasted and I’m looking forward to the next twist out!

image1_1 IMG_3604 IMG_3606

So to my fellow TWA Baldies, don’t be intimidated by hair styles because you’re afraid it won’t come out the same on your short hair! #ShortHairDontCare #BaldiesUnite


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